HyperDocs, a transformative, interactive Google Doc replacing the worksheet method of delivering instruction, is the ultimate change agent in the blended learning classroom. With strong educational philosophies built into each one, HyperDocs have the potential to shift the way you instruct with technology. The concept works because it begins with strong lesson design, curates quality instructional content, and packages learning experiences in ways which engage learners. It shifts the focus from teacher lecture to inquiry-based learning through the exploration of concepts purposely crafted and packaged on a Google Doc. 

A true HyperDoc is much more than some links on a document. Digital collaboration is choreographed through the inclusion of web tools that give every student a voice and a chance to be heard by their classmates. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills can be developed through linked tasks that ask for authentic products to be created and shared digitally. Teachers, no longer stuck in the front of the classroom explaining every step of a lesson, are now free to work with small groups of students personalizing needs during the learning process. HyperDocs bring innovation into classrooms and transform learning experiences for students by answering ‘what can I do now that I couldn’t do before?’

Teachers Give Teachers is a website for teachers to share the HyperDocs they create. Once shared, teachers can file and make a copy of the lessons designed. This OER (Open Educational Resource) provides educators with an inclusive community of HyperDoc creators from around the world. Remix, reuse, or share #HyperDocs at Teachers Give Teachers. 

Here is an example of a collection of HyperDocs. 
5 HyperDocs to Get Fit in a Digital World Final.jpg
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Each HyperDoc guides students through an interactive experience focusing on important skills for 21st Century Learners: Digital Citizenship, Research Skills, Visual Literacy, Digital Voice, and Video

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For more INFORMATION visit: www.hyperdocs.co and www.teachersgiveteachers.net